Another soul has been claimed by the streets and it's sad regardless of the cause. Life on the streets is brutal...period. And it's that brutality and the feeling of hopelessness it creates, that can lead to choices that can end up in someone losing their life or having their life changed forever in a dramatically negative way.

The weather, horrible living conditions, lack of proper medical care, bad diets, unhealthy habits brought about by circumstances no human being should have to suffer and many more causes this case...violence can all contribute. However, there is one cause that I believe is more prevalent than any other...


Until our homeless friends start being seen as worthy of the government's, society's and most importantly the CHURCH'S compassion, understanding and assistance...lives will continue to be lost.

Homelessness isn't something that needs to be "dealt" with. It's a crisis that needs to be addressed with love, kindness and respect.

Fly high did matter!


Steven Young