Make a Difference

You choose where your money goes. And it all goes out to those who need it.

We could not do what we do without the financial support of our faith, community and corporate well as the 100's of individual donors who account for the large majority of donations we recieve.
We are proud of the fact that Home Street Home has no paid staff.  This is not our job…it is our passion.  Except for a few minor costs pertaining to necessary operational aspects of the ministry, over 95 cents out of every dollar donated is spent directly on fulfilling the needs of our friends.
With your kindness and generosity, we can “change the face of homelessness” one person at a time.
Thank you and God Bless!

In just a few short years HSH has become the largest in-the-field homeless outreach organization in the Greater Nashville/Davidson County area...providing more life-sustaining supplies, to more of our homeless friends, than anyone else...while forming ministerial relationships that will provide a path off the streets for good! 
HOWEVER...we cannot do so without the support of our monthly partners. We receive no government monies or grants...depending solely on the generosity of our financial donors.

So please consider becoming a monthly PARTNER IN HOPE by planting A SEED OF HOPE! Your monthly gift of ANY amount will allow us to continue our fight to turn "home street home" into "home sweet home".
Just click on the donate button below, enter the amount of your monthly donation and give HOPE to those who desperately need it.

We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can’t solve.

— Linda Lingle


Food Pantry: 

It's Impossible To Feed The Soul and Lift The Spirit When the Body Hungers! We deliver more food to Nashville's homeless than anyone else…over 8 tons lst year! Please help us continue to see our friends don't go hungry!


Housing Fund: 

Moving off the streets isn't easy. There are costs; Deposits, Application Fees & More. Also emergency housing is needed at times in the case of illness or when children are involved. We need your help to continue to help our friends move forward!


Survival Supplies: 

Yes, our goal is to get them off the streets, but they have to survive until then. So...we provide tents for shelter, clothing, camping supplies & more to help them ease the struggle until their opportunity to move forward arrives.


Area of Greatest Need: 

And if you don't have a preference we promise we will see your money is used on our greatest need at the time.

And remember...we are an all-volunteer organization…your money will never go to covering a payroll. #BoomBetterWorld



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